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Located in Southern California's South Bay area, Babilon Design is lead by Barbara Babilonia with over 15 years experience of design practice. Her extensive background in design and fine arts has developed to become functional, practical, and timeless. Whether you want to make an impression when selling your home or simply want to customize your space to your unique lifestyle, Babilon Design has the perfect solution for you.

How we do it: Interior Design
Our inspiration and design process starts with you. We discover what you wish to accomplish with your space, how do you wish to live, and what reflects your taste. Every choice such as floor plans, color, furniture, fabrics, and lighting are communicated with you to ensure that your space reflects your elevated style.

How we do it: Staging Homes
Our staging process starts with a comprehensive consultation. We find the best solutions to showcase your property based on demographics, budget, and turn around times. Our complete homestaging service covers delivery, photography, and dismantling.

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Services we provide

Customize Your Space

Renovate your space to match your style and comfort. Our full service design and project management covers all aspects of your renovation. This includes floor plans, paint and furniture selection, lighting, finishes, and styling. Schedule a comprehensive consultation to find out what Babilon Design can do for you.

Stage Your Vacant Home

Inspire buyers to quickly make an offer above asking price. Our home staging gives potential buyers the ability to imagine themselves in the living spaces of your home. We work with your real estate agent to make sure your house is ready for photography, advertising, and showings. Call for a consultation and quote.

Consultations For Occupied Home

Our detailed staging consultation provides recommendations on home upgrades and how to arrange your furnishings/decor that you already own. After the in-person walk through of your home, we send you a detailed list of our recommendations. If your home is occupied and you're on a budget, you can use our suggestions and DIY your home to look picture perfect and sell at the highest value. Our consultations are up to 2 hours and cost $250.00.

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